“As a working mother, entrepreneur and DJ, I have a very busy life. I always try to bring my own food with me when I’m on the road. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

I am surprised that we still don’t have healthy choices at petrol stations in a country like the Netherlands.

My mission is to produce healthy and tasty ‘ON THE GO’ products that are affordable and accessible for everyone”.



This tasty Killerbody Snack is both great as pre-workout snack or healthy alternative to any treat. Soon available in three flavors of which one is vegan.

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A healthy drink for people of all ages. This shake is high in protein, has no added sugar to it and will be available in two amazing flavors. 

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Are you just craving something sweet? This tasty shake comes in a variety of flavors and is packed with high-quality protein to recover your muscles and beat your afternoon slump. 

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Kickstart your mornings with this killerbreakfast. A high-protein and oatmeal mix with not only high-quality protein powder, but all the healthy fats your body and brain need for the day.

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We care about the planet and environment. Therefore, our packaging is derived from living (or once living) organisms and renewable resources. Because our packging is made from these biobased materials, it’s biodegradable and the best solution for Killerbody Food and our planet.

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