Suzan is 12 kilo afgevallen met Killerbody

Suzan has lost 12 kilos with Killerbody

The whole of the Netherlands lost weight with Killerbody. With more than 300,000 books sold, the number of transformations is unprecedented. Reason enough to give these figures a face. Killerbody talks to various participants about their experiences with the diet. In addition, psychologist Henrike Weerstand analyzes the interviews and summarizes the principles in practical tips that you can also use.

In this interview we talk to Suzan. Suzan is (at the time of this interview) 25 years old, 173 cm tall and weighed 87 kg. With the help of Fajah and Killerbody, Suzan has lost no less than 12 kg!

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Interview with Suzan

"I experienced a traumatic event with my mother in my youth and during that period I often turned to the wrong food to feel good. This resulted in being overweight. In 2017 I changed course and started the Killerbody Diet. This was once again a period of great stress. With a lawsuit against my own mother and constant uncertainty about the situation I found myself in, following the diet and exercise schedule ensured rhythm and regularity. I adhered perfectly to the schedule and noticed that exercising pulled me through this terrible period. The regular eating and exercise moments made me feel strong. I slept very well, but also had something to wake up for and to fall back on.

The result was great: I lost 1 kilo per week. I felt more confident and learned a lot, for example what my body type was. This made my mindset much better. I can honestly say that the Killerbody diet changed my life in a positive way and I still feel better to this day. I just don't have much energy to train at the moment. I have been hit recently and I am now in therapy for that. Sometimes after a therapy session I can let myself go, but never like before. I have all of Fajah's books and combine the recipes from the Cellulite Guide and the Killerbody Diet so that it doesn't get too monotonous."

Analysis by psychologist Henrike Weerstand

For Suzan, once learned, old is done. She has developed an autopilot in which food helps her get through stormy periods. Unfortunately, later in life it turned out that this strategy bothered her more than it helped her. When she became aware of her pattern, she started looking for how she could gain more control over her feelings. She noticed that the Killerbody method gave her some support and offered alternatives to emotional eating. The result? She felt better about herself and through trial and error she gained more and more control. A nice framework that she can fall back on in busy, stressful or emotional times.

Do you recognize yourself in Suzan? Then I have some tips for you:

  • Observe yourself, don't judge yourself. Determine how you respond, but say: this is me too. By observing yourself you learn about your autopilot.
  • Don't get stuck in this, but then ask the question: where do I want to go? how do I want to feel at the end of the day, of the week and of this year?
  • Find a way of dealing with emotions that suits you, so that you can persevere.
  • Don't blame yourself for trial and error.
  • Make sure you have a framework, a kind of basic lifestyle (consisting of: hours of sleep, relaxation, exercise and standard healthy recipes that you cook during these weeks) that you can fall back on. Or where you can go back to a period full of irregularities.

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      This interview is from the book Killerbody Lifestyle by Fajah Lourens (ISBN: 9789021578835).

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