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  • 1 x Killerbody Protein Shake
  • 1 x Killerbody Slimming Powder
  • 1 x Killerbody Energy Booster
  • 2 x Nutrition plan for 2 weeks
  • 1 x MKBM Grease meter
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Are you ready for a keto revolution? Get started with the Keto Diet from Killerbody. The Keto Diet consists of a diet plan with 2 phases. You will receive a nutrition plan including meals and recipes for both phases.

In addition to the Keto Diet, you will also receive all Killerbody products you need for preparing recipes and/or meals, including our Protein Shake , Slimming Powder and Energy Booster .

Get started with the Killerbody Keto Diet

Switching to a ketogenic diet can be a challenge, but with the Keto Diet it becomes easier than ever. In addition to the Keto Diet, you will receive all Killerbody products you need to get started successfully, allowing you to work on your goals quickly and easily.

Which Killerbody products will I receive when purchasing the Keto Diet?

When you purchase the Killerbody Keto Diet you will receive the following products:

  • 2 x 2-week keto diet plan (worth € 29.90): Our extensive keto diet, divided into two phases, offers a clear and structured approach to get started. Each nutrition plan brings new recipes and meal plans to keep you varied and motivated.
  • 1x Killerbody Protein Shake Banana : Our Killerbody Protein Shake in Banana flavor is a delicious shake packed with proteins. Ideal as a protein-rich addition to your keto diet. The Protein Shake Banana contributes to the growth of muscle mass and supports rapid recovery of the muscles after training/sports (performance).
  • 1x Killerbody Slimming Powder (flavor of your choice) : The Killerbody Slimming Powder is a powerful supplement that stimulates fat burning*. Choose from several delicious flavors and add this versatile powder to your daily routine.
  • 1x Killerbody Energy Booster : The Killerbody Energy Booster is the ideal product to support your energy level and maintain good concentration* .
  • 1x MKBM Fat Meter : With the included MKBM Fat Meter you can track your progress weekly. Easily measure your body fat percentage and see how your body changes during your keto journey.

* = Health claims pending approval by the European Commission.

Order the Killerbody Keto Diet from Killerbody

It is easy to put together the Killerbody Keto Diet via our webshop. You only have to indicate which flavor of the Slimming Powder you prefer. Are you still unsure about the flavors or do you have another question? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about using the products, the correct dosage and much more. Start working on your Killerbody Keto today!

With the Killerbody Keto Diet you have everything you need to make a successful start with the keto diet. Order now and take the first step towards a fitter and healthier body!

Customer Reviews

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Amber Jongman
Keto pakket

Ik doe het nu 1 week, zie zeker wel iets verschil maar wil nog langer doorgaan om duidelijk verschil te merken.

Snelle levering!

Snel geleverd, goede smaak en fijn dat er een dieet bij zit

Handig alles in 1 pakket

Ik ga het sporten weer oppakken dus dacht dit is een mooi pakket om dit mee te combineren. De slimming powder gebruik ik al jaren en ben ik zeer tevreden over, geeft me altijd lekker energie en vermindert de snaaimomentjes.
De andere producten ken ik nog niet dus kan ik nog niet over beoordelen

Ik ben fan!

Super service, heerlijk van smaak en makkelijk toe te passen. Ik ben fan en bestel zeker weer bij Faya! Keep up the good work ♥️

Irene Bies
Blij mee