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At Killerbody we strive to make your weight loss journey as simple and effective as possible. That is why you can now take out a flexible subscription with us. With our flexible subscription you receive your favorite products every two or four weeks. As a reward for your dedication, you will receive an attractive discount of 15% on every delivery, which not only saves you extra money, but also motivates you to continue your healthy lifestyle. Discover the convenience and benefits of our flexible subscription and achieve your waste goals with Killerbody!

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Which products does the flexible subscription apply to?

Our flexible subscription plan offers unparalleled versatility by giving you the ability to subscribe to virtually any individual product. This unique offering allows people to fully customize their diet and nutritional needs, without compromising on taste or quality.

One of the most popular product categories within this flexible subscription are the Meal Shakes . These shakes are packed with nutritious ingredients and can serve as a quick, balanced meal replacement. For people who are on the go or need a tasty, protein-rich snack, Protein Bars are an excellent choice. They come in a variety of delicious flavors and provide a convenient way to meet daily protein needs. For a hearty breakfast or a tasty treat at any time of the day, the Protein Pancakes are a favorite. These pancakes are both nutritious and delicious, making them a perfect addition to any diet. Our Protein Shake is a quick and delicious way to boost your protein intake after an intense workout. It aids in muscle recovery and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Finally, the Slimming Powders are designed to support weight management and achieving your fitness goals. They can easily be added to drinks or meals to promote metabolism and reduce hunger.

Our flexible subscription allows you to enjoy our high-quality products that contribute to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. With a range of options to choose from, there is something for everyone.


Benefits of a Killerbody Subscription

Our flexible subscription offers numerous benefits that make your waste journey effortless and affordable:

  • Flexible: choose whether you want your products delivered every two or every four weeks;
  • Can be canceled at any time: you can cancel the subscription at any time;
  • Discount: you benefit from a 15% discount with every delivery;
  • Customize: You have the freedom to choose your own products to subscribe to. Moreover, you can combine flavors and it is possible to order a handy shaker ;
  • Recyclable Packaging: All your favorite Killerbody products come in recyclable packaging.


Simply take out this flexible subscription

Why wait any longer when you are already working on improving your health and well-being? Killerbody's flexible plan not only offers versatile choices but also significant discounts so you can start achieving your fitness goals today. Don't hesitate any longer and take advantage of this great opportunity to enrich your diet with our healthy and tasty products. If you have any questions about our range or the subscription, please feel free to contact us. Invest in yourself and get off to a flying start!


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