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The Killerbody Protein Shake Vanilla is rich in protein, contains no added sugars and is lactose-free.

More about this product

The Killerbody Protein Shake is a plant-based and protein-rich shake. Proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass and support rapid muscle recovery after training/sports (performance).

Usage and dosage

Follow three steps to prepare the Killerbody Protein Shake:

  1. Mix 40 grams of Killerbody Protein Shake with 300 ml of water
  2. Shake the Killerbody Shaker and you're done

Maximum intake of the meal replacement is 2 servings. Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. 1 scoop = +/- 40 grams.

Content: 1000 grams. 25 servings per package.

What's in it?


grams of protein per serving

Saturates and supports muscle recovery


grams of sugar per serving

No added sugars


calories per serving

Nice for after sports

Suitable for vegans and people with lactose intolerance

Rich in proteins

Low in sugars