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The Killerbody Shaker is perfect for preparing your favorite Slimming Powder, Meal Shake or Protein Pancakes mix. This Shaker is specially designed to prepare your shakes and mixes easily and lump-free in any location. Thanks to the leak-proof lid, take your Shaker with you wherever you go.

More about this product

You can mix up to 450 ml of liquid in the Killerbody Shaker. You can find the right ratio for your shake using the clear size indicator. The included mixing ball ensures all ingredients are perfectly mixed and prevents lumps from forming. So you always enjoy a smooth and delicious shake. Thanks to the leak-proof lid, you can take the Shaker with you wherever you go.

The Killerbody Shaker is made of BPA-free plastic. This means that the Shaker contains no harmful substances that can be released during use. Thus, you are assured of a safe and healthy way to prepare your favorite Killerbody products. The Killerbody Shaker is dishwasher safe.

What's in it?


ml contents

Plenty of space to prepare your favorite Killerbody products

Prepare your shake or mix at any location

Made of BPA-free plastic

Includes mixing ball and clear size indication

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Selma Ergun

Leuke motiverende tekst daar doe ik het voor 🤩♥️

M Bos

Super slechte kwaliteit.
Deksel sluit niet oke af waardoor deze blijft lekken ook de tweede die ik toegezonden heb gekregen is zo lek dat je ook deze niet kunt gebruiken

mevrouw Heijneman

Prima beker, fijn in gebruik!

Fleur Stellinga

Een top beker. Er is heel goed nagedacht over het design en fijn in gebruik!

Charlène Nomir

Fijne beker