Op deze momenten geniet Fajah van een Protein Bar

At these moments, Fajah enjoys a Protein Bar

Protein Bars are incredibly popular nowadays, and it's easy to understand why. They are convenient, tasty, and, above all, an easy way to satisfy your hunger thanks to the protein content. The Protein Bars from Killerbody are unique because of their crunchy bite and perfect size. Fajah Lourens shares her favorite indulgent moments in this blog!

When You're On the Go

One advantage of Protein Bars is their convenience for on-the-go consumption. Tuck one into your bag, desk drawer, or gym bag so you always have a healthy option on hand, wherever you are. As an entrepreneur, Fajah is often on the move, and that's why she always keeps a Protein Bar in her car. It's a convenient way to prevent reaching for unhealthy snacks when you're on the go. This is especially helpful if you're on a diet because you want to lose weight.

After Exercising

After a workout or training session, it's important to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to promote muscle recovery and growth. Proteins contribute to muscle growth and support quick muscle recovery after exercise or sports performance.

A Protein Bar from Killerbody contains a minimum of 12 grams of protein, perfectly meeting this need. Fajah's favorite flavor is Cookies & Cream, and she prefers to enjoy it after her Reformer Pilates workout.

De standaard aanbevolen hoeveelheid eiwitten per dag is 0,8 gram eiwit per kilo lichaamsgewicht. Train jij regelmatig? Dan is het advies 1,6 gram eiwitten per kilo n chaamsgewicht. Probeer onze Protein Shake om je eiwitinname te verhogen. Eén glas bevat maar liefst 34 gram eiwitten.

As Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth but want to stick to your healthy eating habits, Protein Bars are a fantastic alternative to traditional desserts. Fajah enjoys a Protein Bar with an espresso when she craves something sweet.

With choices like Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, and Cookies & Cream, there's something for everyone. Plus, with around 150 kcal per Protein Bar, it fits well within any eating plan.

Would you like to try Killerbody's Protein Bars? You can also order individual bars in all flavors. This way, you can try each flavor before ordering a whole box. Check out the selection on our website and easily order to discover your favorite taste!


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