Levi is 16 kilo afgevallen met Killerbody

Levi has lost 16 kilos with Killerbody

The whole of the Netherlands lost weight with Killerbody. With more than 300,000 books sold, the number of transformations is unprecedented. Reason enough to give these figures a face. Killerbody talks to various participants about their experiences with the diet. In addition, psychologist Henrike Weerstand analyzes the interviews and summarizes the principles in practical tips that you can also use.

In this interview we talk to Levi. Levi is (at the time of this interview) 24 years old, 163 cm tall and weighed 74 kg. With the help of Fajah and Killerbody, Levi has lost no less than 16 kg!

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Interview with Levi

"In January 2020, I had had enough. When people even thought I was pregnant at one point, I thought: this really has to end. I started exercising more actively again and often gave up sweets. Still, I couldn't really say goodbye to the parties and make the right choices, I kept weakening a little. Because with a glass of wine you should have a bitterbal, I thought. In February I decided to do the Killerbody Diet. I immediately noticed result, I lost at least 1 kilo per week from the start to the end. I had to get used to it in the beginning, especially to eating regularly and the fact that you no longer eat refined sugars. Due to the withdrawal from sugar I was in the I started off a bit tired, I sometimes felt a bit faint and got a bit of a headache. Fortunately, when I took an apple with cinnamon, this disappeared again. After 3 weeks I got over those mild complaints and everything went smoothly. Besides the 16 kilos that I have lost, my skin has improved enormously. I always suffered from acne and took antibiotics for it several times, but this didn't really help. After the Killerbody Diet my acne disappeared. When I look at my before and after photos, I never want to go back to the way I was!

I had a lot of support from those around me during the diet. Sometimes there were some people who said that the diet was too heavy and not feasible, but I didn't care about that. I definitely didn't experience it that way. I learned a lot from the book, previously I thought that if you exercise you have to eat a lot and if I was hungry again after exercising, I ate even more. Now I understand that you only burn your food and often eat so much extra that you don't even burn it all during one exercise session, which means you actually store fat. I learned a lot about nutrition and really benefited from advice from Fajah.

I now make much more conscious choices. Now when I have chocolate in my hand I can think: what if I don't do it? Instead of eating it straight away. I'm allowed to do everything, but now I choose not to do it and that makes all the difference. I still drink wine and eat tasty things, that is also possible now. I achieved the most results in phase 2 (carb cycling) and I also noticed the difference between eating carbohydrates when you exercise or not. In principle I am 'done' with the first book in terms of diet. Still, I would like to tone up and reduce my body fat percentage. For this I use Killerbody 2 and also the tips and recipes from Killerbody Diet. I also started using Fajah's Slimming Powder and it is perfect for now. The books have changed my life, inside and out, and I have been truly inspired and motivated to continue this into a real Killerbody!''

Analysis by psychologist Henrike Weerstand

Dissatisfaction is the key to change, that was also the case for Levi. I often see this in practice, the higher the frustration, the greater the desire to change. The short-term pleasure of a bitterbal no longer outweighs the long-term effect of an energetic body. The power for Levi lies in the fact that she now has the framework to make a choice. She now knows why she chooses something. It is no longer right or wrong. She looks at the effect on her health, which is the great motivation to make choices that build her vitality and energy. Not only did she lose excess weight, but she also gained a more positive attitude, more control and a strong will.

Do you recognize yourself in Levi? Then I have some tips for you:

  • Do you feel a lot of dissatisfaction? Write down what makes you feel dissatisfied and then describe what you would like to achieve. Practice making conscious choices in the near future. Every choice has short-term and long-term effects. Investigate why you make your choices. Does the long-term effect or the short-term effect motivate you?
  • Motivation is an important part of how you make choices. When your end point is clear, you know which route to take. One way to become aware of your motivation is to ask the question: where do I want to go? How do I want to feel at the end of the day, of the week and of this year?

Nutrition plans are now free

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This interview is from the book Killerbody Lifestyle by Fajah Lourens (ISBN: 9789021578835).

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