Stephanie is 36 kilo afgevallen met Killerbody

Stephanie is 36 kilo afgevallen met Killerbody

With Killerbody, the entire Netherlands has shed weight. With more than 300,000 books sold, the number of transformations is unprecedented. Reason enough to put faces to these figures. Killerbody speaks with various participants about their experiences with the diet. Additionally, psychologist Henrike Weerstand analyzes the interviews and summarizes the principles in practical tips that you can also apply.

In this interview, we speak with Stephanie Elvira. Stephanie is (at the time of this interview) 33 years old, 168 cm tall, and weighed 100 kg. With the help of Fajah and Killerbody, Levi has lost a whopping 36 kg!

The meal plans and recipes from Fajah's Killerbody diet books are now completely free. That's right: completely free. At the bottom of this interview, you will learn how you too can start working towards your goal.

Interview with Levi

"I used to be slim and wore sizes S or M. Even after having my first two children, I remained slim. When I and my children's father split up, I got a job at a beachside restaurant. I'm a real food lover and enjoy things like a good cheese platter, but due to the hard work, I stayed slim. When I moved from working on the beach to a regular restaurant, the kilos piled on. I got a new partner who always told me he liked me the way I was. I remember when we were in Paris after the birth of my third child and went shopping. Nothing fit me, even size XL was too small. That's when it hit me: I was nearly 100 kilos. I started the Killerbody Diet in October and stuck with it until April. After that, I knew how to continue the healthy lifestyle on my own terms and gave it my own twist. My partner commented that I looked better after losing 36 kilos. But others threw critical remarks at me, asking if I was still eating and if it was enough now. People looked at me as if I only ate blades of grass, whereas for the first time in my life, I was eating healthy with lots of vegetables and rice. I made delicious pasta sauces from cashews, for example, and really enjoyed my meals.

However, there was a problem. I couldn't see that I had lost weight. When I looked in the mirror, I still saw the woman of 100 kilos. I tried to explain this to my partner, but he said, "You're crazy, you look amazing." Negative reactions to my weight loss bothered me, and I didn't feel the happiness that should come with such a body. I've since gained back 10 kilos and eat whatever comes my way. It's hard for me to commit to healthy eating again and cut back on chips and chocolate. I'm afraid I'll weigh 100 kilos again."

Analysis by psychologist Henrike Weerstand

Stephanie loves good food and always ate like a food enthusiast. When her circumstances changed, this eating pattern no longer suited her activities, work, and life, leading to weight gain. To break this cycle, she consciously chose to reprogram the automatic pilot and adapt to her new life circumstances and needs. This worked well for her weight, but it went wrong due to her expectations after losing weight. She didn't feel the expected happiness and hadn't anticipated the negative reactions from her surroundings. Her new eating pattern also didn't change how she saw herself and valued herself. Negative feelings overwhelmed her, her saboteur told her she was fat, and she wouldn't be able to maintain this. Consequently, she fell back into her food-loving lifestyle, losing motivation for healthy eating. Do you see yourself in Stephanie? Then I have some tips for you:

  • Write down your expectations before starting a diet. What do you expect during the diet and once you've reached your desired weight? Consider not only what's important to you but also what you expect from your environment.
  • Describe how you think losing weight will affect your emotions and self-image, then check if these expectations are realistic.
  • Describe what you will do once you've completed the diet. How will you maintain it? What will you do differently?
  • Describe how you can start working on all the plans and dreams you have after losing weight starting today and start living your dreams today.
  • Think of healthy ways to deal with disappointments, such as seeking support, talking about it, writing, being creative, exercising, or distracting yourself with a movie.
  • Lastly, I have an exercise for your self-image: take two pieces of string long enough for your waist and hips' circumference. Lay the string in a circle as big as you think your waist or hips are. Take the second string and measure how big your hips or waist actually are, then lay it next to the first string. Lay the pieces of string in a line, side by side, and see the difference between what you thought the length was and what it actually is.

    Meal plans now free

    Following the success of the Killerbody diet books - with over 300,000 copies sold - and hundreds of great results, the meal plans and recipes are now free to download. This way, everyone can work towards a #freeKillerbody. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or get stronger, we have the perfect match for every goal.

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