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You read that right: completely free . After the success of the Killerbody diet books - more than 300,000 sold (!) - and hundreds of great results, the nutrition plans and recipes can now be downloaded for free. This way everyone can work on a #freeKillerbody. All nutritional plans are personally tailored to your body and your wishes.

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This is how you get a #freekillerbody

No standard approach here. Our nutrition plans are as unique as you are. Thanks to Killerbody 's smart algorithm, our nutrition plans are tailored to your body and your goals. Whether you want to lose weight , maintain your weight or get stronger , we have the perfect match for every goal.

We hope to inspire and motivate you on the road to your Killerbody. Do you use the nutrition plan and would you like to share it? Use #freeKillerbody so we don't miss it!

An adjusted feeding schedule every 3 weeks

Download your nutrition plan, get everything you need and start the next Monday. Every 3 weeks you can download a completely new nutrition plan, adjusted to your progress. Make sure you weigh yourself before requesting your new nutrition plan. Use your new weight and/or goal when completing the form.

More than 200+ protein-rich dishes

Your nutrition plan is composed of more than 200 recipes from the Killerbody diet books by Fajah Lourens, including the number 1 bestsellers Killerbody Diet , Killerbody 2 and Killerbody Lifestyle .

Also plant-based and for vegans

For those who prefer a plant-based diet, we also offer a 100% plant-based nutrition plan.

In collaboration with nutritionists

All recipes and meals in the nutritional plans are created in collaboration with or supervised by nutritionists, including orthomolecular kPNI therapist and personal trainer Nanneke Schreurs. In addition, the calculation of your daily calorie needs is based on science.

We would like to emphasize that a nutritional schedule is advice. If you have any doubts or a medical background, we will refer you to a doctor and/or dietician.

Calculate calorie needs

Awareness is the first step in the weight loss process. By calculating your energy needs, you easily gain insight into your daily combustion. Do you take in fewer calories than you burn? Then you lose weight.

Calculate your personal calorie needs for free using the form below. You will receive the outcome by email.

Create your own nutrition plan in 3 simple steps

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We hope to inspire and motivate you on the way to your goal. Do you use the nutrition plan and would you like to share it? Then use #freeKillerbody so we don't miss it!

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